Google Authorship; Authoring Pages On Multiple Websites Of The Same Topic

Check out what I just learned:

When initiating authorship on your webpages (google’s webpage authorship tag); specifically when authoring pages on multiple websites be aware if the pages are of the same topic and each website will potentially show up on the same SERP.

IF this happens…

THE AUTHORSHIP PHOTO WILL NOT DISPLAY FOR BOTH SITES!  As you will see in my example photo the byline is still present in the SERP, but not the author’s photo.  It seems random which site will get the photo, however it is not necessarily the higher ranking page.  It may be the 1st site to register the author…?  I’m really not sure so I am happy to receive input on this.

Authorship from same author on two different sites in same SERP

Authorship on two different sites

Authorship on two different sites

another example with slightly different result…

Also, does anyone know what happens when multiple pages of the same website appear in the same SERP and those pages are authored by different people?  Will the same site get multiple photos for each page of differing authors??

I think I found the exact reason why you want more authors on each website rather than less…

Good information to properly optimize your and your clients future webpage authoring.

I look forward to having some of my questions on this answered!